Why You Should Trademark Your Event Material

When you organize an event, it is important that your original idea is kept protected.  Today we will take a look at all the aspects of event trademarking.  But first, let’s take a look at what trademarking an event is about.

Trademarking an event

The very first thing that you need to know is that you cannot trademark an event.  This includes the layout, format, and the actual activities taking place.  So, this means that any other party can hold a similar event.

What you can actually do is trademark the name of the event as well as the logo or slogan you are using for your event.

Trademarking an event material

In order for you to be able to trademark your event’s name and material, the name, for starters should be original.  In this way, it cannot be used by any other parties, unless they get a license from you.

You probably already know this but those aspects of your event eligible for trademark are phrases, symbols, words, slogans, or logos.  These are the only aspects or materials that a trademark can extend to.

Why is trademark so important?

When you are holding an event that is one of a kind, you want people to be able to identify a name with your event.  So, when you trademark the name of the event, this is what people will come to recognize and associate value with.

This means that if you own the rights to the name of an event, you practically own the rights to such event.  This means that only you can hold such event and nobody else can hold such event but you.  This is a great opportunity for people to associate your brand with the quality of such event.

If nobody else but you can hold this event with the name you trademarked, you are guaranteeing future success within years to pass.

When naming your event, make sure it is original.  Generic names are very unlikely to be accepted by the Trademark Office since they will not give you exclusive use of a common name.

Are you in need of trademarking your event material?

Needless to say, searching for a good name for your event is already a difficult task.  Having to deal with all the hassles involved in trademark might be hard to follow for the inexperienced.

If you are holding an event and want to trademark it, Nexus Law can help you.  Give them a call and let them handle your trademark while you take care of everything else.

Can you actually make money rom mystery shopping?

Who doesn’t love shopping?

Well, everyone does and in fact, shopping is one essential part of our life. After all, who can survive without having the excellent dresses from the mall or dining out in a fine restaurant as an excuse of buying something? No one and that is why as days are passing, more malls, shops, and dining areas are being opened.

However, there is this problem- shopping means you are going to lose something from your bank and sometimes that might be heart-breaking. What if this time around you can actually earn something while visiting your favorite store?

Wouldn’t it be great to have some extra bucks in your banks instead of having to spend?

It will be definitely and this is where mystery shopping comes into the foreplay. With the new concept of earning money, mystery shopping is becoming more and more popular. But you being a starter, confusions are definitely to arise in your mind regarding the legality of the process and the possibility of earning money.

So, let’s have a headstart about what mystery shopping actually is and how does it pays you!

What is the concept of mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is a concept now being adopted by many companies or stores to have an insight into their businesses and to have a good customer feedback. If you sign up with some legal company who actually performs this mystery shopping, then you will be given certain sorts of assignments.

Each assignment will ask you to visit the store or the mall and have a sort of casual inquiry about the working ambiance. Some assignments also demand you to have a close look at the working style and to notice whether the staffs are following the decorum of the company.

You will be paid for the time you are doing the service and if you spend something while your secret shopping, the money will be reimbursed. A lot of different mystery shopping jobs are now available for you to earn some extra cash.

How much can you earn from mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping isn’t a way by which you can earn your living or survive for a whole month. It is, in fact, a way by which you can earn extra cash. The main concept is that you will spend about ten to fifteen minutes in each assignment and you be paid a sum of $10 to $20. Now, you can take back to back assignments to have $100 per hour but that is too far-fetched.

The main attraction of the mystery shopping is that you can get some services for free just by doing something, which you usually do. For example, you have been given the assignment to visit a diner and you will have to report on the dishes and the arrangement of the meal course.

The thing which you will have to do during your dinnertime is to carefully notice the staffs and what they are offering, something which you usually do. This time, you will have to report somewhere. The money you will be spending will be reimbursed.

So yes, you can earn money from mystery shopping but not on a scale of thousands or millions.

What you should look for before you choose a caterer

Venturing into the business of catering is much like any other business wherein owners and staff need the skills to do the job and a hard-working attitude to have success. Unlike a chef that is mostly in-charge of cooking food, the caterer has more challenges other than just cooking food.

There are a lot of big caterers in major cities the USA. Whether your company offers catering in Denver or other large metropolitan areas in the country, there are more aspects to a catering business other than just serving delicious food. There are business considerations like accounting, promotions, and customer service.

Clients would look at a well-trained catering staff as a start for picking among the many caterers in their area. They will also look at the culinary vision of their options which means the company they chose stood out from the competition. There are signs of a good catering service. Read on to find out what it takes to be a good caterer.


This is the basic foundation of a great catering service. Serving tasty food as well as high quality cuisine is the top priority of event planners looking for a caterer. Cooks who work for a catering company should know enough recipes where they have a contingency plan in case their client changes their mind about the food to be served.

Safe Food

Caterers must uphold the standards in food safety of their industry and the country of business where they work in. Regulations in food are well-documented and it is their responsibility to know all of these and implement it.

Service Staff

This business is always interacting with clients and their guests. Staff should know how to handle situations with different clients and be able to find a way to please them if they have problems with their service.

Social skills and being an excellent communicator is a good start. Working in events can be stressful which requires patience and cooperation. Once a caterer gets through the event with a satisfied customer will ensure that they get more clients in the future.

Flexible Menu

Different events require their own unique menu. There are health, religious, and cooking techniques that needs to be considered for each client. It is up to the caterer to adjust to their needs and be able to deliver it.

Excellent Leaders

Catering is a labor-intensive business. Managers should be able to handle the busy activities at the event and event the needed preparations before the event. Good management will be able to provide direction on the floor from the cooking process and coordination during the event.

Motivated Staff

A catering business can get pretty busy especially if they’re well-known. Events can happen almost everyday and the catering staff should be able to maintain their enthusiasm in each and every event they serve.

Financial Management

Throughout the year, a caterer must be able to manage their finances well because events may be slow during certain months while it may pick-up during holiday events. This allows them to cater to any event at any time.

Well-managed Business

Good business management practices will show in how profitable a catering business has become. Food prices, managing the workforce, taxation, budget management are just some of the aspects of a catering service that needs to be handled well.


A good caterer is also a popular caterer. Aside from serving good food, a caterer must exert effort in marketing their business. Either through distributing promotional materials, online ads, and even building a reliable contact list.

Caterers will also act as the liaison for service providers they hire for decorations during the events. It means that coordination with event organizers, florists, and interior designers becomes even more important.

Detail-oriented Service

Most caterers also handle the decorations, floor management, and presentation around the venue. This needs to be properly set-up along with directing the right people to where they need to go. Caterers can impress their clients during this time where they can show them how they handle different scenarios during events.

Clients should look at the nuances in catering to get an idea of the industry. Knowing their problems and issues will help you select a caterer that is experienced and will be able to cater to everything you need.

How Event Companies Can Make Use of Mobile Apps

Events provide great opportunities for companies to connect with present and future clients in a powerful way.  They are a chance for corporations to display, on a face-to-face experience all they can bring to clients.  There are several components that guarantee the success of such events.

One thing that will definitively make an event stand from the rest is how organizers can make use of mobile technology.  Realizing how mobile tech has revolutionized the way we organized ourselves is a no-brainer.  However, taking full advantage of such technology will require some time.

Let’s take a look at some ways in which companies can make use of mobile apps to better promote and organize their events.

An all-in-one

There definitively are companies out there making use of mobile apps to optimize the experience.  However, there have been complaining based on the bad use these apps are given.  The best mobile experience for users is an all-in-one.  Sometimes, delivering attendees too many things can be exhausting.

For example, attendees usually have pieces of info sent to their emails, others in social media, others in a calendar and so on.  At the end, participants have information scattered all over the place.  An effective mobile app must be capable of placing everything in one place so they can be all accessed more easily.

Logistics and Marketing goals

A mobile app is very important to an event.  They provide an exceptional check-in option that saves a lot of time and money.

They also avoid the using of excess paperwork.  They provide guidance and tools to optimize the event.  Of course, all of this is conveniently placed in one spot at the palm of users hands.

A personalized experience

People want to have a more personalized experienced in their mobile apps. Attendees to an event want to take a look at what their options are and choose which ones to go to.  They love to get a chance to like the options they are inclined to and to have the opportunity to save those things they liked about the entire event.

Better event networking

One of the ideas of events, as stated before, is to establish connections.  These connection are not vertical from company to client only.  Now, a mobile app allows companies to stay in touch with their clients through the convenience of an app.  This enables them to make more personalized offers.

Sometimes, attendees can get more value from horizontal connections in an event.   A mobile app will provide a space for these connections to keep going after the event.  These relationships are usually enriched through forums or social media.  All of which are embedded in an all-in-one mobile app.

More sponsorship

Mobile apps provide an additional sponsoring space for those brands that attend events.  It is a very convenient way to showcase products and services in a discreet form through mobile technology.

You have seen how a well-made app can be huge to your event.  If you want to provide the best mobile app experience then you must hire the best mobile app developer Vancouver.  Maximize your event and get better results.

Why Conference Rooms Should Have Comfortable Chairs

Ever wonder why almost all of the conference rooms many companies look so elegant and have comfortable chairs? It’s probably not about elegance and design, most of the time it’s all about the comfort of the people that supposed to use the area.

As you know, the conference room is where company meetings and discussions are being held. It is even where important clients and visitors are being welcomed and talked to. And you have to remember, giving a good impression is very important. It’s something that tells something about your company.

Chairs for the Conference Room

This is probably something that you don’t give much attention to. But do you know that during the planning process, choosing the kind of chair to use for the conference room requires some effort? It’s probably because having the most appropriate and comfortable chairs is very important. They all need to be fitting with the design and the area, keeping the entire conference room spacious and relaxed.

There are different factors that you need to consider when choosing the most ideal chair for a conference room. First, is comfort that is more of the design and the ergonomic suiting ones posture and can be easily adjusted. Next is to consider the size of the room. It should be balanced, not getting the room so crowded with chairs.

You also have to consider the frequency of which you’d be using the chairs. Considering the durability of the material is important.  Of course, it should be something that can withstand all the wear and tear of the people using them. Finally, it should also be something elegant and that can create a good impression especially to visitors and clients coming.

What’s with the comfortable chair?

Though most offices are picking the best conference chairs for the main purpose of creating a good impression, comfort is still the best thing to think about. You certainly don’t want your employees, your clients to feel uneasy after an hour of sitting. You also wanted them to be seated comfortably to be able to concentrate better on what you are trying to discuss. At some point, people are even falling off the chair because the chairs don’t have the right ergonomic.

If you have the most comfortable chair, you can be sure that the people sitting on them have something good to say about their conference room experience. And that would mean positive feedback for the company. Their experience in the conference room can make or break your company’s reputation.

If you are on the process of trying to set up a new conference room and been looking for the best furniture and chairs to buy, make sure that you consider all the factors. You can also check out some of the reliable office chair reviews to see which ones as considered the best in the market. Remember that you can’t take it for granted when picking the most ideal conference room chairs. Make a good impression. Keep your conference room spacious, elegant and a comfortable place to stay.


Tips for the perfect networking event

People gather at networking events to meet new people.  So far, so good.  But when it comes to organizing a networking event, the story is not that simple.  It is normal to feel the tension of the responsibility.  Your heart is beating faster and about to come off your chest at the thoughts of how successful (or not), this event will turn out to be.  At least you have the advantage that all people within your event are in your same position:  surrounded by strangers waiting to network with.

The following are some proven tips to make your networking event the best ever.  Take note and follow accordingly.

Be a leader

Yes, you are in charge of the event and, as such, you should thrive to promote connections.   In order for you to do this, you should make some research on your attendees before the event.  People go to networking events to make business connections, to find a job, or simply to socialize.  Whatever the purpose is, make sure you are able to facilitate these connections.

Have purpose

It is not a good idea to walk around a networking event aimlessly.  Always know what is the reason you are attending.  This will help you look for the best potential agents that will help you meet the purpose of your attendance.

Overcome social anxieties

To your advantage, networking events have that express purpose:  to meet people.  This should take away the pressure of “having to socialize” in settings not officially set for that.  The networking event is precisely for that, to make connections.  Even if you are an introvert, try to find ways to approach people.  Usually, attendees to these kinds of events are sensitive to the fact that some might not find it easy to approach them.  If you must, make a goal of approaching at least five people.

The best venue

If you are organizing the event, the venue you pick is important.  Think of location and time.  Networking events usually take place after work hours.  So, you want your event to take place where it is easy to get to.   Make sure it is near to public transportation and has a parking lot big enough for those attending in their cars.  You do not need to host your event in a hotel lobby necessarily.  Try other venues such as bars, museums, or even an outdoor park.

Bring food

Food is essential to most gatherings.  This creates a more casual and fun environment.  Offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options for the attendees.   Just make sure that you do not offer a full meal.  Try with food that needs small nibbles.  If you cater a dinner, for instance, what you might get is a bunch of seated people focusing on their food more than on networking.  Also, make sure your snack are easy to eat and not messy.  A tiny hamburger or sandwich would do.  It would be awkward to try to speak and try to salvage a cracked enchilada or wiping off the sauce from a taco.

If you need some business help on landing a perfect networking event, you might want to search for help.  Here’s to a perfect networking event.

The Importance of Signage at Events

When companies, big or small, plan events they consult the expertise of event organizers to help organize the whole thing. Companies look into the events organized, team or staff, and the reputation of the event organizing company they are potentially going to hire.

A tell-tale sign that the event organizer is great at what they do is how they make a signage for the event. These signages are a key component in any event because it marks the location of the event or it can draw people in to the event if you have an invitation for all.

Organizers should know how to place a signage to link the event to its audience or guests. Ground signs will be great for people who are already at the event where promotional activities are at work. The mounted signs at the top of the event structures can direct people inside or tell more people that your event is happening near them.

Companies should also ensure that their logo is present in every sign that is mounted during the event. It will strengthen the brand if the event is a successful one. And the people will get to see it from the preparation period for the event until the signage/s is packed up after the event.

Organizers can also save you money with the signage because it acts as a salesperson that’s customers passively interacts with. You don’t need to pay a person to market for you and it costs less than an advertisement through conventional media outlets.

If you are able to strategically place you sign effectively, the information or message you are trying to deliver will be passed to everyone who sees that sign like your guests, motorists, or passersby. This is why signages are important that your event organizer is also an expert sign maker to maximize the reach of your event.

Tips for Buying a Home with Event Space

House hunting can be a stressful endeavor for any. Whether you’re a businessman trying to look for a house to buy and re-sell after a few years or a newlywed finding a home to have a family in, you have your considerations when buying a house.

There are people who want some location interests whether it’s for work or they just want a view. Other buyers are concerned with the design of the house looking for child-friendly features, a view, or a beautiful garden, among others.

You might not fall into any of those categories because you have one big concern running through your mind and that is an event space. It is a part of your character to regularly invite guests to your house whether it’s celebrating a family occasion or dinner with business partners you’d like it done in your home. This article will explain how to find a perfect venue for hosting events and gatherings.

The problem is finding the homes with event space is as difficult as organizing the event itself. As a buyer, you need to know the details of what you want and plan your open house visits or home searches accordingly. In order to make it easier on you, we’ve come up with a couple of simple tips to narrow down your list of possible houses to buy.


Event Space

Just like any event, you plan for everything ahead of time. If you plan on hosting events in your home, you should consider how big the events you’re going to host will be. Make an estimate of the possible events that you are going to be hosting in the future so that you can make a rough estimate of how large the space you’re going to need in your house.

Consider the area both inside and outside the house. You can host parties both inside and outside the house. Just know how you can accommodate all your guests. Space features inside the property like the backyard which you can use in your events is also a plus.

maxresdefault (11)

Home inspector

People don’t buy houses just for the heck of it. It’s an investment and you have to make sure you’re making the right on. So, before you sign off on a property make sure have a home inspector check the house first.

Hiring a home inspector may be expensive but they can give you real estate data that sometime your real estate agent won’t be able to give you. This is because they’re responsible for giving you pertinent information regarding the house so that you can factor all of that in when you’re doing an evaluation of the property for yourself.

This includes the space you need when you want to hold events in the prospective property. They give you third party professional help on the house you’re planning to buy. If you find that you have any issues with the dimensions of the space within the area you can move on to the next property in your list because you won’t be able to host events properly in limited space.

You can spend on a home inspector now or regret having not enough space when you organize a house warming party the once you’re purchased the house. If you want to buy a home, you should always know the details of the house so that you can find the house that fits your specifications.

Keys to Running a Successful Business Events

Planning a successful business event is beneficial to your business development. They are a great way to deepen your connections to other businesses, to your current customers and your employees, staffs and partners. If you did it right, you can greatly impact people from just interacting to you via Facebook to reading newsletters up to actually coming to your store. In order to make sure that you can craft a successful event, you must understand the recipe for a successful event. Let’s have a look.

A Clear Goal

You must have a clear goal when planning an event. What would you like to get out of your event and what would the attendees get on the event? One example goal is a retail store opening event that plans to increase foot traffic to their store. As for the customers, what would they get? A discount, prize, giveaways or other exclusive information and benefits can be a good thing to give to those who will be attending.

Setting a Target Audience

Before sending out invites, decide what kind of audience you will be targeting. If you get your target audience right, then all other details of the event will follow such as the format of the event, the content, prizes, location and more. By choosing the correct target audience, you will be able to focus on a specific goal rather than trying to hit a broad aspect.

Sending a Personalized Invitation

When you send invitations via email or letter, make sure that you address them by their name. For example, do not address them like “Dear markcooper@gmail.com”. It would sound better if you are going to salute them using their first name like “Dear Mark”.

Pick the Right Date and Time

Choosing the right date and time is crucial for your business event to be as populated as it can. Don’t schedule events on holidays or even on dates that are too close. Also, make sure to avoid planning an event on popular vacation times. It’s also important to check whether your attendees might have something to attend to.

Create Flexible Changes in Size, Location and Other Things

As you go further in your event planning process, you might need to change some things like the size of the event, the location, the date or the time from your original goal. Make sure that your changes are reasonable and immediately notify those who have received an invitation about the changes.


As we create a business event, we may have to do a lot of things. However, making sure that all of those things are done right will yield a better result that can ultimately lead to your success and profit goals.

Choosing the Right Event Company

If you are thinking of holding a company party, meeting, or any kind of event, then you are aware that there are many things are involved. If you do not want to go into the trouble of preparing for an event, then you might want to find an event company to plan everything for you and the only trouble you’ll do is what to present during the event. The importance of partnering with the right event company is what most companies planning an event often forget. Choosing the right event company can greatly help in making your event a success. So, if you are looking for tips on choosing the right event company, then you are on the right place.


Make sure that the event company is experienced. If you are researching online, having a professionally looking website doesn’t make a person or company professional. The important part of it is the portfolio and make sure that the portfolio is true and/or accurate. Take a look at it and try to ask them for solid examples of work they’ve accomplished. If they can’t provide anything, then avoid them.


There are event companies that specialize in a certain event. There’s no company that is perfect in setting up any kind of event. Try looking for a company that specializes in the kind of event that you need. Not only they are most experienced in setting up events like yours, you can be sure that they can produce the highest results.


You can go to college and study event management nowadays. If you will be looking for a lawyer, then you’d look for someone who graduated with a degree in it. Make sure to check that your event management company has any staff that studied in the area.


You can find testimonials on most websites that offers any kind of services nowadays, but that doesn’t mean that they are just as good as the testimonials on their website says. If you can notice it, most of the testimonials are always positive. A true testimonial can be directed towards the reviewer, but if not, then try asking the company if you can contact the person in the said testimonial to verify the truth.


Make sure that your event management company offers insurance. If there happens to be an accident where you hired an event management company that offers inflatable attraction, but that said attraction is not covered for the insurance, then you’ll be on trouble, mate.


Those are just some of the important things to consider when you want to hire an event company. Make sure that you’ve thoroughly chosen your event company because failure in doing so can be problematic.