Can you actually make money rom mystery shopping?

Who doesn’t love shopping?

Well, everyone does and in fact, shopping is one essential part of our life. After all, who can survive without having the excellent dresses from the mall or dining out in a fine restaurant as an excuse of buying something? No one and that is why as days are passing, more malls, shops, and dining areas are being opened.

However, there is this problem- shopping means you are going to lose something from your bank and sometimes that might be heart-breaking. What if this time around you can actually earn something while visiting your favorite store?

Wouldn’t it be great to have some extra bucks in your banks instead of having to spend?

It will be definitely and this is where mystery shopping comes into the foreplay. With the new concept of earning money, mystery shopping is becoming more and more popular. But you being a starter, confusions are definitely to arise in your mind regarding the legality of the process and the possibility of earning money.

So, let’s have a headstart about what mystery shopping actually is and how does it pays you!

What is the concept of mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is a concept now being adopted by many companies or stores to have an insight into their businesses and to have a good customer feedback. If you sign up with some legal company who actually performs this mystery shopping, then you will be given certain sorts of assignments.

Each assignment will ask you to visit the store or the mall and have a sort of casual inquiry about the working ambiance. Some assignments also demand you to have a close look at the working style and to notice whether the staffs are following the decorum of the company.

You will be paid for the time you are doing the service and if you spend something while your secret shopping, the money will be reimbursed. A lot of different mystery shopping jobs are now available for you to earn some extra cash.

How much can you earn from mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping isn’t a way by which you can earn your living or survive for a whole month. It is, in fact, a way by which you can earn extra cash. The main concept is that you will spend about ten to fifteen minutes in each assignment and you be paid a sum of $10 to $20. Now, you can take back to back assignments to have $100 per hour but that is too far-fetched.

The main attraction of the mystery shopping is that you can get some services for free just by doing something, which you usually do. For example, you have been given the assignment to visit a diner and you will have to report on the dishes and the arrangement of the meal course.

The thing which you will have to do during your dinnertime is to carefully notice the staffs and what they are offering, something which you usually do. This time, you will have to report somewhere. The money you will be spending will be reimbursed.

So yes, you can earn money from mystery shopping but not on a scale of thousands or millions.