What you should look for before you choose a caterer

Venturing into the business of catering is much like any other business wherein owners and staff need the skills to do the job and a hard-working attitude to have success. Unlike a chef that is mostly in-charge of cooking food, the caterer has more challenges other than just cooking food.

There are a lot of big caterers in major cities the USA. Whether your company offers catering in Denver or other large metropolitan areas in the country, there are more aspects to a catering business other than just serving delicious food. There are business considerations like accounting, promotions, and customer service.

Clients would look at a well-trained catering staff as a start for picking among the many caterers in their area. They will also look at the culinary vision of their options which means the company they chose stood out from the competition. There are signs of a good catering service. Read on to find out what it takes to be a good caterer.


This is the basic foundation of a great catering service. Serving tasty food as well as high quality cuisine is the top priority of event planners looking for a caterer. Cooks who work for a catering company should know enough recipes where they have a contingency plan in case their client changes their mind about the food to be served.

Safe Food

Caterers must uphold the standards in food safety of their industry and the country of business where they work in. Regulations in food are well-documented and it is their responsibility to know all of these and implement it.

Service Staff

This business is always interacting with clients and their guests. Staff should know how to handle situations with different clients and be able to find a way to please them if they have problems with their service.

Social skills and being an excellent communicator is a good start. Working in events can be stressful which requires patience and cooperation. Once a caterer gets through the event with a satisfied customer will ensure that they get more clients in the future.

Flexible Menu

Different events require their own unique menu. There are health, religious, and cooking techniques that needs to be considered for each client. It is up to the caterer to adjust to their needs and be able to deliver it.

Excellent Leaders

Catering is a labor-intensive business. Managers should be able to handle the busy activities at the event and event the needed preparations before the event. Good management will be able to provide direction on the floor from the cooking process and coordination during the event.

Motivated Staff

A catering business can get pretty busy especially if they’re well-known. Events can happen almost everyday and the catering staff should be able to maintain their enthusiasm in each and every event they serve.

Financial Management

Throughout the year, a caterer must be able to manage their finances well because events may be slow during certain months while it may pick-up during holiday events. This allows them to cater to any event at any time.

Well-managed Business

Good business management practices will show in how profitable a catering business has become. Food prices, managing the workforce, taxation, budget management are just some of the aspects of a catering service that needs to be handled well.


A good caterer is also a popular caterer. Aside from serving good food, a caterer must exert effort in marketing their business. Either through distributing promotional materials, online ads, and even building a reliable contact list.

Caterers will also act as the liaison for service providers they hire for decorations during the events. It means that coordination with event organizers, florists, and interior designers becomes even more important.

Detail-oriented Service

Most caterers also handle the decorations, floor management, and presentation around the venue. This needs to be properly set-up along with directing the right people to where they need to go. Caterers can impress their clients during this time where they can show them how they handle different scenarios during events.

Clients should look at the nuances in catering to get an idea of the industry. Knowing their problems and issues will help you select a caterer that is experienced and will be able to cater to everything you need.