Tips for the perfect networking event

People gather at networking events to meet new people.  So far, so good.  But when it comes to organizing a networking event, the story is not that simple.  It is normal to feel the tension of the responsibility.  Your heart is beating faster and about to come off your chest at the thoughts of how successful (or not), this event will turn out to be.  At least you have the advantage that all people within your event are in your same position:  surrounded by strangers waiting to network with.

The following are some proven tips to make your networking event the best ever.  Take note and follow accordingly.

Be a leader

Yes, you are in charge of the event and, as such, you should thrive to promote connections.   In order for you to do this, you should make some research on your attendees before the event.  People go to networking events to make business connections, to find a job, or simply to socialize.  Whatever the purpose is, make sure you are able to facilitate these connections.

Have purpose

It is not a good idea to walk around a networking event aimlessly.  Always know what is the reason you are attending.  This will help you look for the best potential agents that will help you meet the purpose of your attendance.

Overcome social anxieties

To your advantage, networking events have that express purpose:  to meet people.  This should take away the pressure of “having to socialize” in settings not officially set for that.  The networking event is precisely for that, to make connections.  Even if you are an introvert, try to find ways to approach people.  Usually, attendees to these kinds of events are sensitive to the fact that some might not find it easy to approach them.  If you must, make a goal of approaching at least five people.

The best venue

If you are organizing the event, the venue you pick is important.  Think of location and time.  Networking events usually take place after work hours.  So, you want your event to take place where it is easy to get to.   Make sure it is near to public transportation and has a parking lot big enough for those attending in their cars.  You do not need to host your event in a hotel lobby necessarily.  Try other venues such as bars, museums, or even an outdoor park.

Bring food

Food is essential to most gatherings.  This creates a more casual and fun environment.  Offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options for the attendees.   Just make sure that you do not offer a full meal.  Try with food that needs small nibbles.  If you cater a dinner, for instance, what you might get is a bunch of seated people focusing on their food more than on networking.  Also, make sure your snack are easy to eat and not messy.  A tiny hamburger or sandwich would do.  It would be awkward to try to speak and try to salvage a cracked enchilada or wiping off the sauce from a taco.

If you need some business help on landing a perfect networking event, you might want to search for help.  Here’s to a perfect networking event.